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  1. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    problem is thatr ppl doesnt care what eq they have.. their simple goal is to make XX accs of chars and do instances until go crazy... but with what? they think that clean vesper or vesper 150 is enough for tezza/freya ... i was DB... 1 hour in GC and i had 150 in weap... then for 400kk i did 300 in weap... i dont think that 400kk is tooo much...i remember 3 years ago, there was only ppl with 300 in weaps... nowdays ppl are lazy to do even 150... adidas -> how? hit with 2 chars from same hwid and u get disconnect -> bot protection level 999999
  2. Ted mi rekni jak moc PRO se citis obzvlaste na te oly kde mas vyboteny eq a zabijis A gr se musis hodne citis kdyz jsi hero a kdyz lidi zacnou mit eq tak radeji quitnes driv nez te tam zacnou zabijet sad storka brah.
  3. Ale notak.. jako kdyby jste neznali achylka top CZ flamer na forku a kdyz uz jde nekam hrat tak emo quitne hned co ho na oly rozbije nejaka lamka a pokud se nepletu tak chodi hrat jen na tales kde vykrada ucty jinak pekne video.. cekal sem spise ze budou vyhravat pretoriani ale jak tak koukam tak od vas dostavaj docela na prdel GL & HF Foxis
  4. Yo... if ur not 18+, dont read this..... You spend 1 hour of looking for faking ppl that doesnt even have 150 in weaps(while you are only one who have 300), then you spend another 1 hour in faking instance full of fails because of faking retards and in the end tezza drop 1-2 vesper weaps, sometimes 1 vorpal part... freya 2 vesper parts... zaken 1 vesper part and 1 moirai.. and share this in 9 ppl.. well yeah, luckly most retarded member of party get all drops.. so yeha, in the end of the day, you do 9 freyas, tezzas, zakens.. and what do you have? 1 vesper armor part(if ur lucky) and some LS, BSOE, BRES... now you can read no matter what age you are... so its simple.. what about to increase drops? top clans have top eq anyway, no matter what drop is (bot, donate, party farm).. because really... to make all 3 instances with 9 chars and get 1 vesper part, 1 vesper weap and not even single time lvl up your SC... thats what i call crazy hardcore nerd farm.. oh common, its not some 1x rate... most of ppl dont even try to make instances cuz of their bad luck with drops
  5. Christmas Dressme

    LF FIX! QQ
  6. Christmas Dressme

    nope and i have all files from site, not even single custom thing.. fresh hi5 clients with fiels from site
  7. well, playing on beta isnt actually playing... a lot of QQers keep playing only oly cuz on live start they wont even have chance on oly cuz of bad gear... and randoms camp DV entrance with 378565 randoms and if u flag, ur dead in 0,000001 sec cuz of that trilion randoms.. nowdays beta = 10% testing, 90% ego hunting and QQers... sad storki my opinion is, that closed beta with normal ppl that will test almost everything(no 24/7 oly or DV camp or cry in hero chat) for like 5 days is 1000% better then open beta for 14 days.. lets say there are 100 bugs on server... how many bugs will get reported this style? 10? i think thats too much.. why? .. cuz as i wrote above, ppl keep playing oly 24/7, camping dv entrance or QQ in hero chat...
  8. SOA buffs

    SOA buffs doesnt work.. dealing same dmg with mage in mage room as in melee room
  9. Christmas Dressme

    dressme -> armor -> christmasssss set .. doesnt have visualization¨.. you see ur char naked