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  1. pěkné FPS ještě trošku edit a bude to paráda
  2. Information

    easy you can open donate shop and look for stats from premium .... deafault h5 oly is 15 matchies ..... for hero u need at leats 1 win from 15 matchies
  3. Information

    first 2 question is like from 7yo lazy kid 3rd question is alright .... cuz here are some cumstoms setings like (online count in clan , win castle /fortress and maybe smth more ) but most easy way is just buy donate pounds and instant click lvl 11 full skill
  4. i hope one time will be gvg with full 18 clean clients w/o any 3rd programs .... 90% BIG EGO players will become to trash .... they cant handle mouse / keyboard PS : pro players in L2 = Bronze 5 in league of legends after 1000 matchies ... this is the reality
  5. when server start Enchantress have more ppl like revolution clan .... now revolution have more ....
  6. to protože ten člověk spamuje na každém forum věřím že spamuje i eMimino.cz
  7. je to celkem vyrovnané ty fajty my mame možná par lidí navíc ale oni mají CHEATY:D R.I.P achylek GMko už ho zabanoval
  8. cuz of this i banned you on my TS .... i dont want to have anything to do with people like you ..... this topic / share acc can make only human trash
  9. click bait ? still better 10 same servers like 4,906 clever posts on mxc
  10. KOTAK pick up AQ who will be owner of this AQ is on the stars