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  1. UnTaGE

    good to see another slavjenski clan in server
  2. Synergy

    thats why i played russian servers so long
  3. Synergy

    9v9 is fun, but 100 v 100 is more fun if there are good sides
  4. Synergy

    you like 9v9? :DDD
  5. Synergy

    epics = pvp . pvp thats why you play lineage2, for best mas pvp system ever, love you NCsoft <33
  6. Synergy

    Why we can't kill baium and share in turn... stay friendly, possitive and you will see, this game will become so fun :oooo
  7. Synergy

    Achylek loves pink, as you see, forum algorithm already decided to give me pink color background on avatar. there is no coincidence.
  8. Synergy

    actualy its 204iq only Achylek 205iq
  9. Synergy

    Enchantress have also very good cp. No need so much hate
  10. Synergy

    "i will lick your ass if you come to my clan" I admire you as my enemy, but lets be friends tactics goes wrong
  11. Pretorians

    you realy invented that shit back in 2k13
  12. Pretorians

    Achylek, you invented that shit.....