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  1. Yes post pls i want to see. If you cry about scripts in 2k18 at least dont post ur trash fraps coz all of u using them aswell even you handless bishop. It seems to win yanz u need not only those scripts but also to play in such trash server as this one is. I guess u will not go any ru mid server any time soon coz u just will be raped in every single move u would make. Keep staying on this trash servidor where u can feel pr0 killing all those (well most of them) unskilled newbies. Now u can bark as much as u want i made my points here more than clearly.
  2. why u even post such videos? i guess this is makes u feel better since u won vs yanz once after 4 year of getting raped especially on such broken server. Now u will have an excuse to brag that u won yanz
  3. Unplayable with 3 windows

    gl getting response to your topic forum already dead talking about administration staff see you on next server forum b4 it went live coz they have to show they are active
  4. Pretorians

    Da fuk u are talking about, if u play smart 6h of prime is more than enough to not others be ahead from you. Yanz left that server after instinct got ban coz since that momment server was doomed to die, we all saw after that ban server was onesided till kr0ze left. Also beyond was not the only server u failed quickly and i know why, coz you have no expierence to play low rate servers that's why u cant find ppl to play with u. All you do in mid java servers just open bot/adrenaline keep farming 24/7 with only few people and then spam "LF GVG" while others newbies which won't/can't play with same soft are way behind. So don't tell u are skilled player coz u are not even close to it.
  5. unless she is not a 90y/o dude on the other side of screen and gonna stream with cam, mb shows some tities, then she might get bonus for EVEN 2% of those stats u mentioned
  6. Pretorians

    I don't think you are bad i know it. All times u were trying any low rates u failed even b4 joining DV. You think playing java mid servers with their features makes you special? 80% of java community are randoms so ganging on randoms means nothing.
  7. Pretorians

    this is what happens when overrated people from mid java servers comes to play low rates
  8. Pretorians

    https://clips.twitch.tv/FrigidBloodyOtterYouDontSay quality u say?
  9. You know what is the funniest part of all these vote polls on forum u make? That is 15+/- people decides server features... You show IG online 10k+ you show Forum online 100+ (reality is like 10% of them coz rest 90% only joined it once but u still keep them as active users to make more numbers). So how comes when you make vote polls only few people makes vote?
  10. how dare you say such things about this server i vote ban for you for such insults Peace. P.S jk dude and dont expect server will work at least half as it should
  11. What is your point? Every server have at least 2 sides otherwise there would be no pvp at all. Tbh i prefer to see server with 2 good organized sides, no need more of those randoms clans like Remedy, WoW. Peace
  12. What i meant is that your servers can't stay alive for even 2 weeks. You just take advantage of servers starts where most donate comes and stop caring for it till next one. People don't even bother to play more coz they know that next server is going to be open soon again. So what we have after 2 weeks of server start? 3-4 pt vs 3-4 pt max at epics which is called mass pvp?
  13. What about stop making servers every 2 weeks? What about this intention? coz i bet in ur plans are to open 3 more servers b4 summer. Right after u open new server forum is dead talking about Administration staff, no response to people who ask for help. Moreoever every second topic is advertisement for some other server and those topic are not deleted. You are talking about olympiad like it's main thing why server has no pvp. Last server was dead b4 even first heroes, so look for other stuff that have to be fixed. I have 2 advice like turn off donate for most stuff for 2-3 weeks. Also ban botters coz that jail for 3h its pure joke. I can even help u make it easier by telling top botting spots which is most DV spots (Leech/Gem dragons especially), Most LOA spots (Kariks,Bridge especially), SOA, Anomic Founder.