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  1. Can this?

    action on what?that you got trolled like a 10 years old kid?
  2. Can this?

    its my choice to who i sell or not,what is the problem with that?xaxaxaaxaxa such a random
  3. Can this?

    and btw mr random,before you report somebody,dont forget to close your adrenaline
  4. Can this?

    this kid cant even take a troll good to know we can troll kids easy
  5. stop crying already,accept the lose like a man,and close your russian pidorski mouth
  6. Synergy

  7. Pretorians

    skyler tut?
  8. Pretorians

  9. Pretorians

    99% enemies tears 1%water we use on our coffee
  10. Pretorians

    Enchantress is actualy talented
  11. Pretorians

    The king is back,the king is back,and aint goin nowhere cause the scene is wack