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  1. and btw..... you guys have no clue about l2.... cuz you guys don't even play just randoms giving their opnion
  2. btw it seems you guys have no clue who is the top parties....... yanz maybe its middle pt without script but with full script kr0ze and yanz is one of top parties.... i've beat many top parties like Emphatic,Blowa,Oda,Excuseme and many others if i will write here all the top parties i will stay 1 day writing
  3. " 4 years getting raped by yanz?want me to post here the quantity of fraps we have against yanz ?on spots when he had antiagroo script this yanz pt its handless as fa ck they can play l2 only with full script nothing else that i can say
  4. Next Time be more humble..... you spamm me for 1 week "lets see on GVG tournament bla bla... your Mouth is big then my dick that its your biggest weapon... but check what happen sadly you didn't reach even Final against us cuz you are low... its even more sadly... that whole Anama pt was playing in your pt.. it proof how low they are...... best int cp my di ck... and here it is we beat yanz 3-0..... if you have ballz... accept GVG and when you kill us than i will close my mouth here is my fraps enjoy it.. and put your speech in your ass
  5. Synergy

    ahahahahahahahahaha ok i told you i am happy.. if i play daily pvps against this pt
  6. Synergy

    Finally Competition i Would like to fight this pt i will be happy to see that see ya in game
  7. hi guys

    fabka you gonna join server or is troll?
  8. Pretorians

    Allot fabka
  9. Pretorians

    we didn't fail server cuz server is hard.. we didn't had drivers enough to play that server.... yanz also left server alot of good pts left that means because they su ck?and we were better even than somepts that were playing 24/7 with 40 drivers but of course to play low rate server competitive with 10h prime time its not competitive mood anyway btw... we had ballz to try tigar... nothing else to say or explaint to low iqs ppl
  10. Pretorians

    btw tigar its even funny to hear that from you but w/e
  11. Pretorians

    sadly... that this ppl can't even make to play the servers i've played before.... anyway... in this fraps you send they killed us when we had train after that we killed them 10 time its how l2 open... if ppl will fraps everytime they die from mobs + PVP then this would be the fraps daily don't think so?you guys are retard grow up and keep boosting my ego.. piece of sh1ts
  12. Pretorians

    ahahaha its funny how this random watch out we playing and talking bad... butthurted ppl and jealous
  13. Pretorians

  14. Pretorians

  15. Pretorians