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  1. Clients keep closing

    if u farm with over 2 chars very fast, faster than human means you using soft so you get auto kick this protection wont be removed from server.
  2. https://challonge.com/l2risegvg here you can see the brackets
  3. in 2hours and 30mins , you have 1hour until finish the registration like always most ppl wait last mins.. there are 2 other parties who contact us via skype because they dont use forum so its normal.
  4. 9v9 Event will take place 22th May . Registration finish 21th May so register your team fast Rules 1)Maximum 2 Cardinals per party ( SE,PRP,EE Count as cardinal on party so you cant have 2 cardinals and one of them it will be not allowed) 2)1 Dominator per party 3)Maximum bres 5 ( Including normal res,augment res and divine res) 4)Only Mana Potions Allowed ( all other potions elixirs,cp pots,healing pots,,any kind of potion except mana pot is not allowed ) reason is to make fights hold less time so event will be double elimination style. 5)Transformations not allowed ( Only that allowed are subclass transformations like Divine Knight etc) 6)Pets not allowed 7)You can participate with clan lvl 5 only (no clan skills) 8)Your party is allowed to ask for just 1 refresh skills/ round and only by the CP leader. 9)Zaken Agathion not allowed Rewards 1st Place winners 120 EURO OR 2500 Donation Coins +1 top SA s84 of their choice+2 vorpal sets,+2 MID s84 weapons 2nd Place winners 2000 Donation Coins + 2 Vorpal sets +2 mid SA 84 weapons 3rd Place winners 1500 Donation Coins + 2 Vorpal sets + 2 Mid weapon SA s84 All the parties who will participate will win 300 DP+200 FA * we can change rules during event if we see something doesnt going good or somebody abusing something that we didnt realize from start in order to make a clean 9v9 event fair for all parties. -How to participate? Make reply on topic Party Name Leader Name
  5. Баг или фича стат ?

    we will look into it

    it will stay like this , if u want to bot go to another server.
  7. skype live:gml2rise
  8. disconected

    where u get disconnect? in which location ?

    Solo rb is possible after this restart that we did on morning if they dont use softs.Instances maximum 3 players can be per same computer. If you use any kind of bot software like adrenaline or spam macro softs its auto disconecct u thats it
  10. skype live:gml2rise
  11. exactly disable them worked for many ppl who had same problem