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  1. And some other, but is mostly russian servers.
  2. Here is high five server, but u can look at l2oops.com website and check https://l2oops.com/chronicle/lineage-2-interlude here is PTS c6 mid rate
  3. I have better choice for you if want Other chronicle and i means interlude c6 i see 1 good interesing server if you want. Interlude not much changed, its old good l2.
  4. There u have some tips: Atributte system ( example Mystic muse water, phoenix knight holy etc..) From 80 lvl u can make Vesper weapon quest ( there is High-mid-low s84 weapons and vesper is low) ( 7rb Legendary Tales quest + daily wing's of sangs ) There are foundation system. There are PvP items for fame's. Enchant skills ( 2nd skills max +30, 3rd class +15) u can enchant ur skills from 3rd class, giant's codex is easy to farm DV, mahums, and other zones 80+. U can also change u enchant rogue and bless enchant. Giant's codex mastery can be farm from fortess ( knight epaulette ) later u can change it for gcm. Talismans,shirt,bracelet can be get from fortess/castle too. For better exp u should give to ur self 100 rec's for 50% bonus exp 1h and u can buy potion for make this bonus longer 1-2h ( Nevit's hourglass) Pailaka quest, u will get good exp and pailaka shirt https://l2wiki.com/Pailaka_-_Injured_Dragon Good for take some money at start 60-70+ is Pavel ruins (mage best), silent valley ( u can farm A-grade common jewels and armors), TOI Angels ( champions amazing adena), WOA Angels. Helbound ( melee zone ), dragon valley ( mage zone ), sel mahums ( aoe zone, money quest EWS/EAS/ fire crystal /), Lizardman plains ( archer zone, u can take quest too), giant's cave Best farm zones with party mostly is SOA and anthara's lair kariks. There are instances and u can enter everyday. Zaken/ Frintezza/ Freya low, high. Delusion, laba, kama and others. Dont spend money for D-B grade. There are shadow weapons up to B-grade. A-grade weapon + A/S grade weapon here and u can go take quest for vesper weapon. *Here is also Teritory wars ( something like siege) and u can get goodies Which class u want to play?
  5. I have idea about add 1 buff ( 8:36 first buff idk name) for everyone on events ( after end event delete buff) That will give some other different play and more random enemies and gonna be more interesing. I also have idea about add chest victorious ( for win oly, event ) which can give items like : - steal, cancel, territory war talismans ( make them get just by this chest) -olympiad rings (low chance) -Medal Of Glory This items cant be traded so this will not ruin economy of server. -------------------------------------------------------------- Or consolation -hp,mp,cp, elixirs pots There are many ideas.
  6. Moving and hit on this geodata is possible just at open area with duelist class ( top quality geodata ). Energy Stones removes from me Sonic Barrier ( Bug ). There are not possible to use skill after click. ( next bug or feature on java servers i dont know ) Macro as i guess dont work "retail" just test duelist. Even with riposte + vala+ refresh cant spam buster.