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  1. UnTaGE

    up up, gl leks
  2. Pretorians

    i never sad you sucked, i sad how you were always one of the top partys, but there you were A LOT behind.. well that was my point from the start. That is why i told you that on skype. Like i wrote up to browla, i never sad you sucked. I just know that kind of servers isn't for you. That is for the russians who play 18h per day and sleep 6h EVERYDAY for like 1 month. And playing with 40 drivers is useles, you will never have the same party, there will be always some drama/problem etc..
  3. Pretorians

    i sad the same thing to enchantress before server even started. "why you even try to play low rate. You are mid rate player and keep playing there. You will suck on low" but noo, he don't want to hear any advice
  4. Maniatic™

  5. Pretorians

    so it is not only me that somebody recognized your team
  6. Pretorians

    Enchantress AND DA BOYZ !!! go go!