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  1. PK Icons bugged

    I remember times when SOS + Morale + Flame Icon was a thing in Epilogue. That was way to strong... You just put Icarus hammer on and 1 hit any one.
  2. Will banned players be able to play when servers goes live ? I remember me and some other players get banned for chatting in "allchat" in test server. We did not get opportunity to play in test server, so I'm asking if it is still possible for us to play in live server ?
  3. How can I be banned if I never even logged in to the game ?
  4. I did add GMLRISE on skype, but nobody replies to me. I'm rly sad now. I wan'a test a lot of things before server goes live. But I cant. When I log in to game I get disconnect in Giran before even loading anything.
  5. I log in to game, press ALT + B, and saw same menu like Destiny, Era. So in all chat I asked is this Destiny's guys server ? After few seconds I did not get any answer but instead get banned ?? WTF ? I order you do explain me what this all about ?
  6. When I try log in to test server, I get message at bottom. Server is on GM Mode - Only or You are banned. ? What is this... How to connect ? Or server is not even open ?