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  1. Now I have another problem. I got the "Premium Caravan Certificate." but I can not see the option to get Dynasty recipes. I'm sure it's in this NPC where the Recipes could be obtained. Help me pls!!
  2. Hi, I'm doing the HB quest to get recipes and Dynasty keys, but when I get to the third part, I've seen that Chimeras do not drop the necessary items. Dim Life force and Life Force items. http://lineage.pmfun.com/npc/22352/chimera-of-fire.html Does anyone know if this is the case in HF?
  3. I can understand that in a server like this many people use programs to facilitate the farm and to be able to face the donations. But the use of bot in this brazen way in an event that GM has programmed, I find an insult to all other players. Bot config: Delay to follow 2 second. Range 0 Nickname: xLogic and HealPro I'm not going to get anything with this, but at least we know who we're playing with. A greeting.