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  1. Hisatsu is recruiting!

    Update: Clan level 11. Oren castle. A clanhall.
  2. Information

    How come lazy? It's literally nowhere written down. The previous servers I played on didn't have a premium account and for oly, every server varied between 10 to 20 matches ;-) Thanks on the 3rd answer tho.
  3. Hisatsu is recruiting!

    Why I can't edit my own topic?
  4. ~ Hisatsu ~ *** RECRUITING ALL CLASSES lvl. 85 + Subskills *** Clan Level: 8 Clan/Ally Crest: Clan Name: Hisatsu Ally Name: RainbowNinjaMeow Clan/Ally Leader: SnowBoard Castle: Oren Clan Hall: Soon Primary Language: English (Clan chat.) Clan Skills: A handful, more in progress. Topic updated: 28/05/2018 Recruitment Requirements: lvl. 85 + Subskills, Active players who understand/speaks English, want to PvP/PvE, use Discord & attend Castle Sieges! ***** PM / Mail / Whisper: SnowBoard, or any Hisatsu member for information! ***** Discord is a must!
  5. Information

    I can't find any information regarding a lot of stuff. Stuff like 'what does a premium account do?' 'How much matches do I need to play in oly to be eligible to gain tokens/hero?' 'Is there any other way to gain c.rep instead of doing raids/lvl chars to gain a measly 550 rep?'