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  1. Clients keep closing

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    Delete this.
  3. Clients keep closing

    What do you mean faster than human? I'm a human am I not? I can shoot a video just for you to show you how i do it if you want... Maybe increase the delay a bit. If you want the video let me know
  4. Clients keep closing

    Same thing happens if i have half window on 1 side of the screen and the other window half on the other side of screen, cant even spoil with alt tab, wtf is this? I don't understand the reason of spoil macro closing the clients - let alone alt tab. wtf?
  5. Clients keep closing

    Hello, made an account on forums just to post this. For some weird reason, while farming on fog with my mage+spoiler the clients suddenly close. And no, i'm not botting, I use a specific macro on my spoiler and play with the mage, but after 5 sec or so the clients closed. I tried to pm both gm's that were active on /gmlist and got 0 RESPONSE after spamming them. I do not understand the point of them being on gm list when they don't even care to help people that have issues with their server or if they are inactive. Looking for a solution to this. It happened 4 times already and it prevents me from solo spoiling. Thanks in advance