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  1. Slower reuse with faster bow

  2. Slower reuse with faster bow

    My Point... Rep00000.l2r
  3. Slower reuse with faster bow

    i just bought a Dynasty Bow and i have the same problem
  4. Slower reuse with faster bow

    Hello?!?!?!?! Any admins??
  5. I've been using Shyeed's bow (grade A) which has "Very slow" speed. With it i have 565 attack spd. (Full buffed). Recently i have aquired a Vesper Thrower (S grade) which has "Slow" speed. and with it, i have 729 attack speed (full buffed). But nevertheless with Vesper Thrower (a faster bow than Shyeed's) i have a (waaaay) slower reuse time. That means, i throw arrows at a slower rithm. Can you please look into this? Thank you!