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  1. usualy crashes are solved by reinstaling new client +new system, especialy if you are using client from other server, there may be some corrupted files GL
  2. disconected

    everywhere, i got new instalation new system and stilll....
  3. Unplayable with 3 windows

    it doesnt matter if you are hitting or standing afk in town, you get dc no matter what, just get the random popup when you killing mobs it should be enough +would be nice to be invincible while we enter that shyty pasword after loggining in when mobs kill you meanwhile... GG best protection ever i saw, and Btw there is running countles bots while legit players cant do poop
  4. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    not everyone donate for equipe, and ppl must start somehow, and if you do not get those low equipe ppl to your party you wouldnt even enter there because you would be alone

    Are you GM here? and this is your answer? so bb donate for you then, man I was standing in town, i had 1 Acc only and yet I am getting DC all the time, it is pretty anoying, no matter what proxy I choose always Getting DCs, I am not botting but this is prety bad bot protection to make ppl DC for no reason. I havent start to do Rbs or some proper Equipe farm but It is rly annoying during Exping.