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  1. Hola! Buscamos una CP que juegue de 18:00 a 12:00 más o menos. Somos de españa Jugamos todos los días. Somos: 1. Judicator 2. Cardinal(yo me adapto me da igual cambiar de clase) Susurro o mensaje a Elenne/Yvette in game, o mensaje privado aquí en el foro. Un saludo
  2. Mag pack lf

    We are 2 ppl add me in skype. We will talk.
  3. We are two players that begin recently, our prime time is 20:00 to 12:00, every day, more the weekends. We are not going to be drivers. We want play our character. We are looking for a CP that uses some kind of chat voice like TS3. We want to play in the same CP. We can accept too join a clan that makes parties constatly and comunicate in english/spanish and use some kind of chat voice program. Whisp Elenne/Yvette in game or send me a private message here in the forum. See you in game.