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  1. STR bugged

    skill mastery dont even work here doeant matter you have 1 or 50str it will never double your buff time
  2. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    do solo rbs problem solved
  3. Unplayable with 3 windows

    pay me 1k euro for working as moderator and i will be the worst bot nightmare dont even need e pensive vot protection
  4. Judicator debuffs

    its bcose admins think judi debuffs are op 😁 btw domi debufs are fine even tho they are aoe debufs not single target
  5. you all scammed by achujek
  6. i can tell you right now better dont even start with this game there are way more alive and better games out there
  7. send me 20e to paypal and i let you play
  8. PK Icons bugged

  9. +1 and lets make c spd limit 1500
  10. PK Icons bugged

    lol this guy talk like he knows how paladin work but he dont know anything :DDD probably came from some custom br over x9000 h5 server where all classes skills working like c6
  11. full stacked tytan should do not 20k but 50k minimum if have apettite on thats what tytan have to do, he if tytan have noting on hes useless af thats why no1 take them to cp bcose if you have tytans on your cp you need also sos/judi so basivly not mutych left for dds
  12. +1 if you want to make everyting close to retail you have to remowe crit cap
  13. macro glitch is working but not as op as offy
  14. 200mana/second 12 sec= 2400mana get back to uni