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  1. Unplayable with 3 windows

    Their "bot protection" Same exact people at same exact spot near gem dragons farming 24/7 (yes, i actualy checked believe it or not). Excelent protection, and excelent work by GM's
  2. Fix your prottection before the server dies. Right now it is impossible to solo farm 7rb because whenever u try to cast skills with 2 windows switching back and forth disconnect happens in about 1-2 minutes. (for the retards here: no im not using adrennaline, bot or whatever shit exists these days). Already tried disabling antivirus, placing all 3 characters on different proxies (that seems to delay it to 4-5 minutes), im out of more ideas. Characters: Judi, Cardi, GK. Place: anywhere. casting spite in rapid succesion and healing with Cardi causes the disconnect to happen in about 1-2 minutes.