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  1. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    Commonly seen drops from zaken Shot00000.bmp
  2. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    Ye kinda sad storky there.YOu can rarely see zaken in shop,and its price is more than 10 bil,and tezza cost more than blessed freya.Now this is something fcked up and its worth gm's to spend some time in fixing drops
  3. Judicator debuffs

    Up! No fun playing judi with 2 debuffs.Also i asked other judis as well,and they confirmed that those debuffs never land
  4. Judicator debuffs

    Hello.Today i tested some judicator debuffs,and it seems that some of them have impossible chance to land.I tested the skills on dragon valley raids.Every skill is tested more than 100 times. Skills which never landed: Weak constitution Oblivion Mental Impoverish Enervation My system msg file shows me (on screen) if any debuff lands or not.As far i know in h5 every debuff have minimum 15% chance to land.Those debuffs never landed in more than ~15 bosses. Note:Even death mark lvl2 (from first prof) landed couple of times.