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  1. Good evening. I was interested in the promotion of Skype, But the problem is that a maximum of 200+ people. I have base players Skype about 20 thousands of. I will be able to make a list via my database? In base players with Russia, CIS, Asia and Europe. Proof will be waiting for your reply

  2. Yes Private messages on forum are not allowed. They are allowed only for Admins in Topic Petitions.
  3. You don't see that everyone is speaking about WWW.L2RISE.COM ?
  4. ok guys i understand. we will let it as is it.
  5. So what is your opinion?
  6. We want to make the game more competitive since we have REAL PTS values that we are 100% sure about anything regarding High Five, we want to ask first about Mana Potion. Currently gives 1000 Mana / 10 Seconds. So what we want to do? is to make mana to be like HP potion, to give 200 Mana every second for 12 seconds. total 2400 Mana, in this way there will come balance on mass pvp, on group vs group and so on. Think Clever and come with an answer. I dont accept Post from players who have intention to BOT or players who speak about farming. WE SPEAK NOW ABOUT PVP.
  7. TheOtherSide Clan

  8. We are waiting more votes. Currently our intention is to change it for 2 weeks.
  9. Please read, any kind of flame that comes to L2RISE Top Quality Server will result a instant ban. There are not need explication.