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  1. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    sadly in this server, raid drops suck. did like 5 freyas, seen 1 neckle and some vesper shits, not even vorpal weapon and yea, did sc from 15 to 16, sadly only once. last zaken didnt even drop vesper or moirai. play 50x exp rates server but with 0x drop.
  2. Slower reuse with faster bow

    no one read this forum, so why bother?? have same problem, also playing archer tho
  3. Difference is fcking huge between them, srsly every archer have nerf reuse for auto attack except Trickster?? What kind of ballance is this holy shyt. Like MS with rapid fire/counter rapid, have like 1200+ atk speed and i hit 1x meanwhile Trickster hit me like 3x or 4x time without any atk speed buff? Dont even mention their 100% real target debuff. I know Trickster is OP but i never saw MS or other archers so weak like in this server, rly bad optimalization. 7. Elemental heal power heal it PTS like - hahaha not even close 11. Hamstring chance increased - +10 never success ... 52. MoonLight Sentisel Dmg has been increased in pvp 5% - where??
  4. login down and some ppl are playing thats kinda unfair, fix this omg
  5. still can't log in? nothing happens, srsly?