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  1. Synergy

    these guys have top cp its normal , enchantress afraid because if they go to other clan enchantress lose 100% all fights and for sure all 9v9. Lokren & firstaid are top bishops and anama top MA and bogdan rly strong player too
  2. Synergy

    im waiting until i see u winning 9v9 event vs enchantress since this guy flaming u for nothing and he thinks he is the best when anama and bogdan and firstaid and browler carry the cp
  3. Synergy

    welcome maybe strongest cp ever
  4. the problem is Magic critical its like x3 or even x 3.5 normal should be x2 , mages are only for cancel they shouldnt give 40140104 dmg (let only sph to be x2.5 or even like that bcoz it will be useless) if u do this with nerfing m critical to x2 will be perfect bcoz i test archers giving strong dmg even with CC+COP stacked u made good balance to archers same for fighters like glady/gk only daggers maybe need some boost and about auto hit chars i think 4k% cap or max 3.5k% cap will be perfect already doombringers give crazy dmg u could make a nerf there bcoz after dbs will be stronger than titans full stacked anyway i think u are on good way until now i can say server can be really interesting we are tired of old balance that all servers but please focus on the things that im writing the serious players will understand what i mean.