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    Try making a petition ingame. They rarely reply here or in skype anymore. use /gmlist to see if any gm is online, if yes, then use /gm and write your petition and keep the chat window open. Hopefully you will get to have a chat.
  2. STR bugged

    What to laugh about it?
  3. Enchant Rate

    It doesnt say about what the original post asks, enchant rate.
  4. STR bugged

    GM, STR is bugged in this server. It doesnt add to crit damage of skills, doesnt effect skill mastery eg. chance to reset skill or double the duration. This completely breaks the balance. Test it please, and if you think I am wrong, fix it asap. I like this server and wanna stay here unless forced to leave for these indirect reasons. Not everyone plays mages.
  5. BUG 7rb

    Someone kill steal it outside your party, and yes 3 times unfortunately for you.
  6. Can't connect to the seerver

    run game from l2.exe inside system folder, dont run launcher. Also, applying patch, dont copy paste the folders maps, systextures, textures but open them and copy past their content files to respective folders in main lineage 2 game folder.
  7. Tezza / Freya / Zaken drop

    I know the feeling bro and since I am healer staying at range mostly I hardly get any drops although I work most all the time during raid else party will die.
  8. Minimum chat lvl

    Make minimum lvl for chat 79, at 80 zaken, tezza, 7rb available and becomes difficult for players to find party.