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  1. Quest not working

    Hello i was trying to take quest In Search of the Nest but its not working it says i am not 66 or above but i am 85 fix it.

    So Admins if you are not going to change something tell us!!! so we know should we stay in this server or should go to other server. Waiting your awnser.

    Yes i want to spoil in fog,mos,soa,etc. too but as you can see we cant use 2 acc. PREMIUM best for nothing !!!

    I wanted to stream about this server and play with my friends but i cant now because you cant use even 2 acc to attack 1 target wow so good server ... thats why in last days best clans started to leave this server and all people even from my clan 40+ active people leave this server because they never saw server like this where you cant bring 2 dd to kill mobs ... wow nice protection better ban all bots where sit 3days in row and farm gem dragons (+people buy PREMIUM on this server to play with 2 acc and farm but they cant nice !!!)
  5. Unplayable with 3 windows

    I have same problem when i log 3 windows and start hitting with it all go off lol wtf this sytem... better ban bots which is in dv gem dragons every day you can see at same place same people
  6. Cant log in

    hey i cant log in to my acc yesterday i got dc and after 1h i could come back but today i cant still login
  7. Hey i will start play as sorc and lf good active INT clan
  8. LF english speaking clan/cp

    i am looking for clan too i will play sorc
  9. lf cp or clan

    Sorc lf clan for fun/pvp