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  1. Synergy

  2. lf GVG we will take any party on, gl
  3. Synergy

    Looking for GVG PM
  4. Synergy

    I think you are hurt cuz he is doing better job than you . Firstaid-2018
  5. Synergy

    atm no he doesn't no flame ofc
  6. Synergy

    apparently everyone grew balls :~)
  7. Synergy

    is true :~) ty u2
  8. Synergy

    we won them already 2 times nothing to prove
  9. Synergy

    !Update: VivaBrasil/Simplicity/Novacane added as drivers
  10. Synergy

    yyyy they troll
  11. Synergy

    Party Members: - will play as solo party gl hf cya in game Mystic Muse: Annamachslochoff Mystic Muse: Mayday Archmage: AlexPGN Archmage: Bogdan Cardinal: Lokren Cardinal: FirstAid Dominator: Authority Blade Dancer: Banshee Sword Muse: Gvgshka Drivers: Awen and lf more