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  1. Critical Damage

    4,000% cap boosting is actually nothing at all. Every single melee class can reach 4k CAP easly. With AQ/Baium u have like ~1k + triggering CC = 2k+ape =3k easy. If you use blunt and got 1 icon here u go 4k, even without ape. How about zealot users, that can easily achieve 8-9-10k% critical damage. 4,000% cap is way below Titan/Tyrant capabilities. How about to be fair server to decrease mage critical rate and damage like 5 times? wouldn't that way be fair for melees? or it's not fun and "balanced" if u put it that way.
  2. As looks like you are applying changes in a positive way and the server looks nice so far I would like to know as probably people are bored of playing mages/gladis only, are you thinking of removing the ciritical damage cap finally, which at the moment is sitting on 2k% ?