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  1. Synergy

    Good luck all !
  2. Synergy

    I don’t know why but hate and atmosphere of competition on topics like that is just hilarious. I have no time to play in top clans/cp . But I still admire all of this people who are trying to show class and quality. Is it Synergy/Enchatress/Pretorians etc. They are all good players who are managing not only mechanics and knowledge but also are masterminds in logistics and communication. Instead of crying here better ask what you can do to join/ support them. Rider/main top or low quality parties all of that is part of the game and are useful. Just get your sh1t together, make plan/tactic and see you on battlefield.
  3. Baal you’re a Man ! +1 Bro
  4. The problem is that half of the server is just kind of boys and girls who collect cash / items. If you would let game works how it should on this full buff many other chars gonna smash beloved farming chars and rage quiet will start crying etc. I would love to see Titans or AW hitting with power... Tyrants on Bisons or PR taking down mage on 2 shots (if he miss 1st crit) but it not going to happen. this is another 30 days project. well just prep whatever you can for fast PvP ;). GL and HF
  5. i am not sure how it works but still sucks.
  6. Eximus Clan Recruting

    mate trying to reach you on Discord but it doesn't work.
  7. DarkLegion Clan Recruitng

    Hey mate. I would be into playing with some clan but i would like to first make kind of interview. Waiting for some call/mail please.