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    Hi, my friend and i want to join your ranks. I am a bp and he has not decided yet, but prefers archer/mage. I spoke with your leader, but he was not sure if any of the cps need ppl. I wrote you PM in the forum, but my guess is that because of the 1 message per in-box it might have happened that you did not receive it, so i am writing here too. If it is possible, please check your in-box so we can talk a bit more about the situation. I wanted to do so with your leader, but i was afk a bit in-game and then he was offline. I guess conversation per pms in the forum will be a bit easier to follow.
  2. Hello, i see we are limited to 1 message in our inbox in the forum, so does it mean that for example if i wrote to someone and my inbox is full with that message i can not receive messages from other ppl in the forum?