Grand Opening

21st December 2016 20:00 GMT+2

We are live now! Check out our streams...

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Server rates & features

free class transfer
GM shop up to S grade
ALT+B buffer
  • more rates
  • olympiad & sieges
  • protection
    • quest rate - 1-3x drop, 1x reward
    • RB drop - 3x
    • 24 buff slots (+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance and songs slots
    • enchant safe +4
    • enchant max +16
    • olympiad max +6
    • element stone chance 40%
    • element crystal chance 30%
    • heroes every saturday
    • sieges/territory wars every weekend
    • auto events every one hour
  • protection system - Smartguard help preventing cheater, botter and abusive players plus we have .report command ingame

How to connect

1. The Game Client

H5 client

3. Your Account

autocreate accounts

By playing on L2Rise you agree
to the rules.



    Type in game ".donate" to claim your PayPal reward :)

    Other payment methods

    paypal Skrill
    paypal WebMoney
    paypal Western Union
    paypal Bank transfer
    Feel free to contact us via live website chat or email us at or


    Can be checked in Game Shop.

Donation Pounds Price Bonus


€ 1,00

(1€-9€ NO Bonus)


€ 10,00

(10€-24€ 10%+ Bonus)


€ 25,00

(25€-99€ 15%+ Bonus)


€ 50,00


€ 100,00

(100€-199€ 20%+ Bonus)


€ 200,00

(200€-299€ 25%+ Bonus)


€ 300,00

(300€+ 35%+ Bonus)

i. staff:

1. Do not ask any staff members for items, adena, mobs, or exp. They are not allowed to give out anything.
2. GM's will NEVER ask you about your account info!
2.1 If you'll get scammed, or whatever, it's your own problem and Staff won't take any action, except punishing the offender. Lost items WILL NOT be given back.
2.2 If you abuse bug to get any Items Accounts or Adena u will get pernament BANN hwid.
3. Insulting anyone from GM Staff will be punished accordingly.
4. Pretending that your one of L2Rise's Staff members is a bannable offense.
5. Clans/alliances, or players are not allowed to have a GM crest or have anything to do with GM in their name. Clans/Alliances, or players caught doing so will be dissolved and the leader/players in question will be banned.

ii. user accounts

1. Hacking into any account will lead to being banned immediately.
2. Players have to be responsible for their own account. If you share your account information with someone, know that you will be responsible. GMs will NOT give stolen accounts back.
3. If you dont use our .security system, and your items are stolen - dont even think about asking the staff to take action. It is your responsibility to guard your passwords and NOT to share them with anyone.

iii. server and players

1. Exploiting (using server bugs, and taking advantage from it) is not allowed and will result in punishment.
2. Botting, hacks, modified clients(exept custom system messages) or any third party programs in any circumstance is not allowed and will lead to punishment. This includes buffbots in clanhalls/towns using 3rd party programs ("i can't dualbox" is no excuse).
3. Using racial slurs or sexual harassment is forbidden, if you are caught doing this you will be chat banned for a period of time.
4. No private shops around the NPCs, doors and gateways. Any shop blocking this will be removed or punished.
5. You are not allowed to train(lure) raid bosses out of their place at any time.
6. Having pets/summons in town for extended period of time, may lead to punishment.
7. Try to not spam trade/shout char, or you will be chatbanned for a period of time.

iv. trades/transactions

1. Any private stores that are used to scam players (e.g selling Mana Potions and your title to say "Mold Hardener") are forbidden and the player doing this will be banned.
2. You are responsible for the trades you do with other players. If you get scammed, we wont take any action, exept punishing the offender.
3. Trading for real life currency is now forbidden due to frequent cases of scam.
Anyone trying to sell something for real money will be permanently banned.

v. donations to the server

1. Before donating, it is recommended to notify a GM/Administrator.
2. Always send an e-mail(the adress is shown on the donation list with your character information, ammount of money payed, and what kind of reward you want.
3. You can use any online payment type as long as you can transfer the money to a paypal account. If you do not know how to transfer money from some payment type to a paypal account, try using, if you have paysafe card, and you want to transfer the money from this card to a paypal account, try searching at "paysafe card to paypal account".
4. The act of donating to L2Rise is entirely voluntary and is not necessary to play on the server. The person donating aknowledges that they are doing so without any expectations of rewards. The rewards listed are given as thanks for the donators support of the server, while no reward is definite.